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Photos from Knutsen OAS Filipino Officer's Conference 2015 in Manila

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Mr. Trygve Seglem in a candid moment during the Confrence

Mr. Trygve Seglem in a candid moment during the Confrence
KNOT Vice President for Technical Operations, Mr. Magnus Gudmundsen addresses the audience.
Knutsen OAS Owner's Representative, Capt. Einar Aaserud, addresses the audience.
KNOT Management Denmark A/S Crewing Manager, Mr. Bo Hauge
KNOT Management AS Crewing Manager, Mr. Ben Jensen
Knutsen OAS Health, Safety, Security, and Environment & Quality Assurance Manager; Mr. Geir Hagen
Knutsen OAS Vetting Manager, Capt. Hilmar Lund-Andersen
Capt. Aaserud fields questions from the audience.
The first batch of Loyalty Awardees present at the Conference received their individual tokens of grateful recognition from Mr. Seglem himself. Here, they pose with Mr. Seglem and key personnel of the Knutsen group.
Attending officers from the different Knutsen Philippines family chapters gamely pose with the key Knutsen personnel representing the diverse scope of the Knutsen Group, with Mr. Trygve Seglem himself seated at center.

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