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Knutsen Philippines, Inc.

About Knutsen Philippines, Inc.

Knutsen Philippines, Inc. (POEA License Number POEA-011-SB-111210-UL) is the duly-authorized Philippine manning agent serving the good vessels of both Knutsen OAS Shipping and Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers ASA.

The corporate history of Knutsen OAS Shipping ("KOAS") dates back to over a century. Since then, it has come to be recognized today as an operator of the most sophisticated and modern fleets of purpose-built shuttle tankers, LNG, chemical carriers, and product tankers worldwide. KNOT has the world's largest fleet of purpose-built DP class shuttle tankers, including the world's largest shuttle tanker vessels. KOAS is also at the forefront of pioneering vessel technology, chief among them being the introduction of the patented KVOC® system for reducing volatile organic compound emissions during loading and transport, and the development of PNG (Pressurized Natural Gas) carriers and development of Ballast Water Treatment Technology (KBAL).

Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS is a fairly new partnership shared equally between NYK (Japan’s biggest ship owning company) and Mr. Tryge Seglem, and is the world’s second largest shuttle tanker operator.
Having been established only during the current decade, KNOT likewise anticipates an extensively productive future from this equally-promising start.

With all its noteworthy milestones to date, Knutsen OAS Shipping, as well as Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS, look forward to further developing their relationship with a country wherein they've had a presence collectively spanning over two decades. The extensive heartfelt support from its Philippine colleagues is chiefly among what inspired the establishment of Knutsen Philippines, Inc. with Philippine partners who thoroughly support KOAS and KNOT in implementing their global corporate strategies.

One such strategy is developing and retaining world-class seafarers, among which Filipinos are already widely-recognized. A majority of KOAS's & KNOT's present crew complement is Filipino on regular rotation across over its entire fleet. In this regard, Knutsen Philippines, Inc. ("KPI") upholds a congenial and mutually-beneficial collaboration with KOAS and KNOT. While KPI's operations focus mainly on Filipino crew management for KOAS and KNOT, it also provides them 24/7 IT support for all vessels, as well as ancillary services in crewing and accounting systems.

Knutsen Philippines, Inc. is always proud to be the exclusive Philippine partner to Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers AS.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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MLC Certification

To date, Knutsen Philippines Inc. is among the first twenty four companies in the Philippines to be granted MLC 2006 compliance. ...

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